What Is Gauteng 2018 - Sharing Hope and Healing?

Gauteng 2018 : Sharing Hope and Healing is a social responsibility and moral regeneration project designed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Community Services

Gauteng 2018 : Sharing Hope and Healing covers a wide array of programs and services. A few examples include.

    Marriage and family enrichment
    Children’s character building activities
    Adolescence moral guidance and counselling
    Delivery high Quality Care
    Interpersonal skills
    Developing/maintaining disease preventive health and wellness lifestyle
    Healthful nutrition and cooking classes
    Dealing with various family abuses
    Crime prevention and reduction
    Spiritual support and enrichment
    Mental health

We hope this project will be a life changing experience for you.

Teenagers path to Success

We want to help you create that desired future. So please attend young champions meeting at your school or community and your future will never be the same again.

Improving Family Relationships

Join friends who are committed to bringing Hope and Healing to marriages and families.

Every Kid Club

Help your child develop success habits early! Please check for the every kid club in your community. With kids, a succesful tomorrow begins today.

Sharing Hope

We live in an era of technological innovations and advancements. Electronic gadgets are part of our lives.